The Beginning

Why am I here in the first place? Her name is Ingrid Vanderveldt (iV), Celebrity Entrepreneur, Skydiver & motorcycle racer. She bought me as a present for Xmas 2005 for Lyn Graft (LG). Boy what a gift I was. Pure love & excrement's when I began...since then I have fell in love with the humans. Fitty Hugs & Slobbers to all.

Me n iV going Rock Star Style to the Airport. I getting Dog Shades next year

This is me n LG looking out over Lake Austin getting ready to get on our boat.

Next to LG, iV is the Light of my life and is all things beautiful about girlies.

Are we cute or what? I Love it when she comes to visit Austin. Kisses all around

LG and I making a Post card from Home sweet home Austin!

LG is the consummate entrepreneur - boy Do I have some stories to prove that

We are BEST Friends for sure - Pure Unconditional love.

The Best kind.

The Fitty G-Life: Sunday Drive w/ ear rub. Hanging on Malibu Beach. And taking self portraits w/ LG. LG n Fitty enjoying Life

Me n JT’s girl Alexis. The only person I know with more energy than me.

Tait Yoder Giving me some Fitty Love