Getting Fitty With it

Welcome to the Fitty G site designed and created by  yours truly with a little help from Director/Producer Lyn Graft (LG) of LG Pictures & the CLUB E Network. It is all about living the Good Life on 4 legs.

Hope you all enjoy my Web Paw print - LG’s got a hobby in still photography so he has made me his talent and it’s in our ownership contract that I gotta pose for the camera. ‘Strike a Pose’ Madonna style I always say.

Life is ‘Fitty Good’ Mis Amigos. ;)

P.S. Also, check me out on the CLUB E as I am the first 4 legged love machine in the Tribe.

Growing Up K9 in the ‘04

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My Paw Crew

Looking Good

The Fitty G Life

Homies on 2 Legs

Living Dangerously